Background to the project

The STREAM project concept has emerged from an in-depth examination of challenges, obstacles, and needs aimed at enhancing the quality and pertinence of Work-Based Learning (WBL) and international mobility.

This analysis was conducted through research, engagement, and development initiatives carried out across Europe between 2020 and 2022 by the consortium within the framework of Erasmus+ KA3.

Needs and Challenges Identified

The need to equip VET staff and company employees involved in WBL with up to date contemporary and enhanced skills and knowledge to meet the emerging challenges.​

The need to enhance VET capacities responding to changes in the economy and labour market and gaining a more extensive role as a key part of the innovation eco-system.

The challenge of addressing the need to provide Work-Based Learning (WBL) in innovative formats is crucial. Additionally, there is a lack of peer support to facilitate this transformation.

Aims of the Project

Stream aims to significantly impact the following:

  • To enhance the relevance of VET by implementing a rigorously tested and credible Micro-Credential system that bridges the gap between education and the labour market. The STREAM project will build a new Micro-credential framework, operating under the working title “The European Professional Certificate for Practitioners in Inclusive, Digital and Green Work-Based Learning”.
  • To identify the skills necessary for vocational education and training (VET) trainers and business mentors to design and manage high quality Work–Based Learning (WBL) experiences.
  • To improve the efficiency and flexibility of Work-Based Learning (WBL) design, organization, and evaluation across both national and transnational contexts involving VET providers and companies.
  • To promote WBL within Europe’s VET community which entails nurturing international collaboration and intercultural exchange.